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Copyright 2003 by Nita McGrew

Heartfelt praise goes out to Nita McGrew and her powerful poetic diction. I was not at all prepared for the profound affect that Nita’s words would have on me, as I journeyed into her world of timeless love and soulful beauty. This compilation is a must-read for anyone who has touched the soul of another, longed for love that is lost…but never forgotten, and for those who have witnessed the eternal beauty of the universe and choose to live in this world instead of just on it.

Nita most assuredly has a gift beyond the ordinary realm of emotional expression and I look forward to reading more from this talented poet in the future.

Reviewed June 2004
by Jill Terry, Author – Poet

Copyright 2003 by Nita McGrew

I enjoyed mingling in Ms. McGrew’s prose, delighting when I’d find a seed of understanding or a clever turn-of-phrase, while being mesmerized by her world. There is fascination in trying to reach inside a poet’s mind and decipher the meaning of their words.

Poetry is hard to write, but Ms. McGrew does it with seemingly little effort. Penned with passion, a touch of humor, and all emotions in between, makes this collection of poetry a treasure to read.

Reviewed by Margaret Marr,
Multi-published author

Copyright 2003 by Nita McGrew

Bittersweet, appropriately named, takes us to the heart of lost love, longing, and hope.  Opening with Spirit, a verse that seems to speak of healing and a sense of future happiness.   Part One is full of observations, some in minute detail –  others world encompassing, but never vague.  In Part Three we are plunged into lost love, and a heart rendering description of wishing for the past and return.  November  starts out cold “…I used you like a tool or a piece of machinery” and later “moving parts getting, a job done” but ends in a painful twist “Please stop my heart is stuck in the gears”.  Bad Poetry talks about the useless feeling and emptiness we have all felt when the one we love has left our lives – “I write the words that mean nothing to no one, except the paper and me” she continues “I eat alone and sleep alone, I hold my own hand and brush my own hair, no one kisses the back of my neck when I fasten my own pendant.”

Bittersweet is written in open and direct language that is beautiful.  We leave each poem feeling the place and the moment in its entirety, wanting to know more, but feeling no need to ask questions, as if we had spent a brief moment inside of Nita McGrew.

Reviewed by Sandra Yvonne Duke
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Copyright 2003 by Nita McGrew

Nita McGrew has written a collection of poetry that will stir your senses and cause such powerful emotions – there is no way you can possibly stop the deluge of thoughts that are filled with hope, love, triumph, and understanding, More importantly, though, her words will move you like no others.

Poetry is a beautiful and often misunderstood art form. What Ms. McGrew has painted is a gift, a touching memento which displays several years of her life. She’s unraveled the many layers that were kept deep inside and opened them so that we might see – might truly feel the wealth of poignant and sentimental verse that’s been her mystery.

Ms. McGrew has maintained a semblance of poetic order throughout her novel. Bittersweet is managed within four parts. Part One touches upon some of the finer spiritual moments. It’s in this section where a very touching tribute to one of the most horrible days in recent history is housed – FALLING TOWERS. SPIRIT is one of the most breathtaking poems I’ve encountered. It brought to my mind a very sad day in my own life, yet this poem speaks of joy, of discovery, of the life that we all need to live…with love.

The beauty of poetry is that you can adjust the author’s feelings and bring them into your heart as your own. It doesn’t matter that you might use Ms. McGrew’s words in a different light. What does matter, though, is that they brought emotion to you……that they made you stop and think…that her words touched you in some way. That is the mark of a magnificent poetess.

Part Two is entitled Refrigerator Poetry. These are tiny hugs, sweet little kisses, a delicious slice of life cut into wedges.

In Part Three, I met THE PRECIOUS STRANGER. I have seen this little one, I have held her hand and walked with her down the road. She’s smiled at me and filled my heart with tenderness. I want her in my life for always. AND THEN SOME was a most private poem – I almost felt as if I was witness to a secret thought about a lover. Its a thought I’ve felt myself – have wanted to feel for always.

GYPSY reminds us all that we are merely little specks, that we’re just a tiny piece of this world. It’s quite humbling, to be honest – it puts us right in our place.

Part Four is given the title of JOURNAL ENTRIES. What is written are small essays about love, despair, about beautiful butterflies that can carry our words to those we long to be with.

Bittersweet ends on an endearing thought:

“Wherever there is the majick
Of giving there you will find my plea.”

Please make sure you reach out for the butterfly as it finds its way to you…for it is through the whisper of its breeze as it gently dances to your opened hand…that you’ll hear the breathy words of Bittersweet.

It has been my pleasure to share with you the words of Nita McGrew. It is my hope that you will take the time to seek out this wondrous author and allow her into your heart. Her presence is a most welcome one.

Reviewed by Patti Fleishman
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