Poetry ( admin posted on September 21st, 2015 )

There is a phoenix rising in my heart
from the smoke and ashes
of what once was barely smoldering,
now burns with an extreme heat of passion.
She soars to heights that I thought
were unreachable,
She rises to the summit
of my being.
I feel her tiny beating heart within my own,
racing at a fevered pace,
fluttering and syncronizing
with my breath.
Quickened wings sending her on her ascent
into the innermost region of my spirit
And finally in that same fevered fury,
there is release
there is freedom
there is survival
there is resurrection
there is love.

One child.
One raindrop.
Silently rolling down the face
of a pane.
A tiny cheek pressed firm.
The glass holds a chill
and as his breath is in and exhaled
a cloud of steam at the base of the sill
serves as a shroud
for the cessation of life for
One raindrop.

In the black velvet night
you are there
Reaching in your nocturnal erotica
for me.
Arms outstretched – pulling, pleading
Legs entwined, folding to a curl
Desert eyes, fragile vistas
Taking flight through my heart,
and you find me opening as the moonflower.

A butterfly landed on my hand today.
I whispered to her my dream.
My prayer.
I then blew her with a kiss
On the wind to send her to you.
When she arrives,
Will you please hear her?

Why is it that every time
I look in the mirror
I think of you?
Are you the part that
Makes me whole and somehow
I see my missing self?
Or are my eyes just a
Constant reminder that
This face is not the one
That you see.

Copyright 2003 Nita McGrew